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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- None other than John

  • April 4

    Elway has publicly said in DeSean Jackson Womens Jersey recent days that the Denver Broncos, even with Case Keenum signed to be the team’s starting quarterback, would still consider selecting a quarterback with the No. 5 pick in the NFL draft. Elway, as the Broncos’ chief football decision-maker, said it’s “wide open." Four quarterbacks would be considered with that No. 5 pick, and they also are the four quarterbacks who have been the key figures in much of the pre-draft discussion both near and far -- Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, Wyoming’s Josh Allen, UCLA’s Josh Rosen and USC’s Sam Darnold.

    And perhaps it's a moot point if quarterbacks are selected with the first four picks for the first time in the common draft era or if Elway is simply trying to entice one of the quarterback-needy teams to make him an offer he can't refuse for the pick. But, essentially, two things have to happen for the Broncos to use their first pick on a quarterback. They, specifically Elway, have to be in football love with at least one of those quarterbacks. And that quarterback still has to be on the board.
    Crunch the numbers, watch the game video -- again and again -- and consider the Broncos signed Keenum already because Elway, as well as coach Vance Joseph, repeatedly said they want Keenum and the team’s No. 2 quarterback to bring the same skill set to the team’s offense. That makes Mayfield the best football fit.
    Also, consider when asked what trait they were looking for in Keenum, the word Elway and Joseph both used was “grit." In this quarterback class, Mayfield has the grit. Toss in a career 68.5 percent completion rate, 131 career touchdowns, his ability to digest information, as well as his ability to rebound after on-field mistakes, and he fits the bill. He would have to convince the Broncos an alcohol-related arrest last year was a one-time mistake and not a glimpse at something more and that he could handle the weighty expectations and scrutiny that come with the job.
    Allen is the http://www.officialshopraidersonline.com/Seth_Roberts_Jersey_Cheap biggest project among the top four quarterbacks on the board, but he also is considered the most physically gifted by personnel evaluators around the league. In short, he can make throws few others on the planet can and that opens a whole bunch of possibilities for those who draw plays up in the league. But accuracy is king in the NFL, as is the ability to let the ball go with the timing to complete passes in much smaller throwing windows. Allen completed 56.2 percent of his passes during his college career against defenses with very few elite cornerbacks and against very little bump-and-run coverage overall.
    He had almost as many games in his career with a completion percentage of 50 percent or less (nine) as he did of 60 percent or more (10). And history hasn’t always been kind to those trying to go from 56-57 percent passers in college to 60-plus percent in the NFL. Rosen is a gifted passer with the footwork of a multisport athlete, a balanced delivery, and he throws with anticipation. In short, he is the most proficient, traditional pocket passer in the group.
    But he also played in just six games in 2016 because of a shoulder injury and this past season missed time with concussion issues. And fair or not, beyond those injury concerns, Rosen would have to convince the Broncos that his narrative of being difficult to coach and not always popular among his teammates is not an issue. It should be noted Rosen’s teammates stood tall for him with their public comments at the scouting combine. Darnold presents evaluators with the most potential to grow from where he is now to what he might be. And where he is now is the first guy to have thrown for at least 4,000 yards in a season at USC, Lamarcus Joyner Womens Jersey and he won’t turn 21 until June.
    Teams have come away from interviews impressed with his level-headedness about the whole process, and while quarterbacks should always flourish in the home cooking setup of a pro day, Darnold showed his willingness to compete in bad weather during his own. Darnold's issue is decision-making and what looked to be a general disregard for the ball at times with nine lost fumbles, including three against Ohio State, and 13 interceptions this past season alone.
    That’s 22 turnovers in 14 games on the quarterback -- 1.6 per game. To put that in perspective for the Broncos, http://www.officialnationalshop.com/authentic-62-sean-doolittle-jersey.html they are in this position because of turnovers at the quarterback position as their three starters turned the ball over 25 times combined in 16 games -- or 1.6 per game. HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans -- and the rest of the NFL -- found out last season that perhaps the most impressive part of Deshaun Watson’s game was his ability to use his legs to extend plays. Now, coming off ACL surgery, Watson has to be especially smart about doing so, although head coach Bill O'Brien said he is confident in his young quarterback's instincts to protect himself.
    In six starts last season, Watson frequently made plays after the pocket collapsed and was a big part of the reason why Houston ranked 14th in the league in rushing; in seven games, Watson ran for 269 yards on 36 carries for 2 touchdowns. Watson tore the ACL in his right leg during a practice last season on a drill in which he was simply handing the ball off to a running back -- although he told ProFootballTalk this offseason that he thinks he loosened his ACL on a hit he took the Sunday prior against the Seattle Seahawks.


  • May 6

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